Marcela Collier – Licensed Therapeutic Provider and Creator of Parenting with Understanding Program

Marcela Collier is a Licensed Therapeutic Provider within the state of Arizona, mom of twins, and helps parents understand what their children communicate through their behaviors. She is the creator of The Parenting With Understanding program that takes parents from “I don’t know what I am doing,” “I’ve tried everything and nothing is working,” to responding with what their children exactly need. In the show, she talks about how to identify challenging behaviours, how to be “need detectors” as parents, how not to yell when situations with kids get challenging and why parenting tips that we find from the internet may not work all the time. She mentions that – You dont have to be a child behavior expert to help kids manage their behavior. You will hear more about how to do that by tuning in.

Marcela’s Links:
Free Roadmap:
Recommended Book Resource: Toddler 411

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