Job Description

I wrote the following to post publicly to job boards and FB groups. I’m just inviting friends (or friends of friends) to respond first.
If you’re interested let me know ASAP, camps will start second week of April!

Do you have a talent and desire to educate the youth? The “AirBNB of education” can help you bring that dream to life.  is an education startup founded by Kerry McDonald to help children & families everywhere access alternative education. Together we will host some day camps in early April, where you as an educator will be free to teach what you love, and to do it your way. No teaching license is required, just pass the background check (insurance will be provided).
The day-camp runs for 3-5 days (you help decide the length), and you host your class just a few times. Sewing, yoga, coding, archery… anything you would love to share!


  • Create your course curriculum.
  • Host your class at least once on most days. For example you might meet two times for 90 minutes over 3 days.
  • Coordinate with other educators to gather supplies, plan the day, etc.
  • Show up before the kids to prepare, and help clean up after.


Experience working with kids is a must.
ENJOYMENT working with kids is a must.
Skills: Respectful engagement / communication with elementary-aged children.
Character: Flexible and creative. is in it’s infancy, the camp is new, so much of it will be up to you.
Cerifications / Licenses : None Required


20% of the tuition goes to for overseeing background checks, providing insurance, and connecting us.
80% belongs to the educators.
2 educators Host a 3 day camp with 12 kids @ $100 per kid =
$1200 total income
-$240 (20% goes to
$960 gets split between the two educators
Your take-home pay in that scenario:
$480 for ~20 hours at camp, or ~$24/hr plus you get to be a part of this incredible group, helping blaze the trail for the future of education!