–> Info for Guests <--

THANK YOU for offering your time and expertise! This is an entirely free, not ad-supported, show designed to answer the #1 question I hear from struggling parents. It is a service to them.
It’s also for you, to help get your message out. So feel free to take the conversation in any direction you want. You’re the expert, it’s your show!

Please also note that we are now scaling up to Video Podcasts. The quality of the conversations seems to be better, even if we do not publish the video (up to you).

Video recording via Zoom is preferred. Here are the details:

Meeting ID: 691-326-6729

Password: Meeting Password
Join URL: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/6913266729
Skype is another option for video. We can also do a regular phone call without video.

My promise to you:

We do not have to follow any script.

I won’t ask any “gotchya” questions or do any criticizing.

I will edit-out mistakes to present you in the best light.

I will ask for your final review/approval before publishing.

I will prepare or practice with you before recording if you like. We’ll at least chat for a few minutes before recording.

Requests of you (all optional):

A short bio, something you would like me to read as your introduction. I would like to differentiate guests by the types of kids they work best with, so please include any niche/specialty.

Provide specific situation of “kid not listening” for use in question #3 below. And provide “devils advocate” for use in #4 if you like. 

Keep in mind the ideal length is ~20 minutes after editing.

Questions I typically ask:

Please note, we’ve used a format like the one below for over 20 shows now. It’s a very general approach. Rather than talking about the whole process Is there a specific tool or technique you could go deep on? A certain type of statement, a certain non-verbal approach?

1. What do you love about working with kids?

2. What’s the main thing you’ve learned from working with kids? (short encouraging message, possibly including your niche age/stage)

3. You’ve been working directly with x-type kids in y-environment… Tell us more about that (environment) and the specific challenges there. (Painting a vivid picture of that environment for audience)

4. For example you might have X aged kid doing Y behavior. How do you handle that? (This can be a good time to tell a favorite story)

5. Devil’s advocate: what if the kid (guest provides) / still doesn’t listen?

Occasionally ask 6. [I will summarize the technique] I’m forgetful, and sometimes upset because kids are ignoring me. What can I practice now in order to remember the technique when I need it? Something I could write on the back of my hand…?

Tell me if you want me to ask 7. Ok and if all of that fails, if you’re in a tough situation and need to redirect their attention as quick as possible… whats your “one simple trick”? (A good chance to talk about something silly. My example: I carry bubbles everywhere I go)

8. What advice do you hear (from professionals) that people should be wary of, not follow? Something simple to stop doing? (please avoid nagging/finger pointing)

9. Which resources do you recommend most?

10. Where can we learn more about this / you / any upcoming events or products to plug? (I will have already shared your bio and links to your info/products, but most listeners are reading that, so please say your main website, etc)

General Tips for Recording:

Smile while you speak, it comes across that way.

I’m not in a hurry! If you say something not-right, just take a few breaths and do it again. It’s not like live conversation, don’t race to correct an error.

If we are recording over your cell phone, please find a quiet-ish place with good service, but not at the expense of your comfort. Better to have a noisy episode with a happy guest than the opposite.

Thank you!