Bridgett Miller – Parent Consultant and an Authorized Facilitator of the Neufeld Institute

Bridgett Miller is an educator, remedial therapist, presenter, parent consultant and an authorized facilitator of the Neufeld Institute. She combines nearly two decades of personal experience as a teacher and parent to support adults to nurture the children in their lives using their heads and their hearts. Bridgett is the author of “What Young Children Need You to Know: How to see them so you know what to do for them” which just came out, and the creator of Look with Love and Parenting with Intention on Facebook and Instagram. Born and raised in South Africa, she now resides with her husband and two daughters in Vancouver, Canada.
In this interview, we covered some topics from her book that have not been discussed much or at all in the podcast – lying and shyness. Bridgett explained that lying in a young child before the age of 5 is completely developmentally normal and expected. She also mentioned that shyness is an instinct. We are all born with shyness and the reason that we are is because its supposed to keep us safe by keeping us close to the people who are close to us and have our best interest at heart. These and more key takeaways so please tune in!

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