Alyssa Blask Campbell – CEO of Seed and Sew LLC and Host of Voices of Your Village

On this episode, we have a leading expert in emotional development to talk about getting kids to listen. She is Alyssa Blask Campbell, also the CEO of Seed and Sew, LLC. She speaks to people around the world, hosts a podcast called Voices of Your Village and was featured in publications such as The Washington Post, Kids VT and Family Education. Alyssa is deeply passionate about building emotional intelligence in children, stating, “It’s never too early or too late to start.” Alyssa’s show up as you are approach welcomes people into her village to get support at all ages and stages, shame free. The episode touched on the importance of community support and we both shared some personal conflict-resolution strategies that worked from our experience. Alyssa also invites every parent in tough situations with kids to look beyond the behaviour. Parent needs to identify what the kids are really communicating by figuring out their secondary emotion and their unmet need. These and more things to take note from so click the play button!

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