Celeste Roseberry McKibbin – University Professor, Speech Pathologist and Amazon Best-Selling Author

Today’s show is all about Getting Kids to Listen and Talk from a an expert who knows best – a speech pathologist by the name of Celeste Roseberry-McKibbin. She received her Ph.D. from Northwestern University  and is now a Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at California State University, Sacramento.  Dr. Roseberry-McKibbin is also currently a part-time itinerant speech pathologist in the San Juan Unified School District where she provides direct services to students from preschool through high school.

Dr. Roseberry-McKibbin’s primary research interests are in the areas of assessment and treatment of culturally and linguistically diverse students with communication disorders as well as service delivery to students from low-income backgrounds.  She has over 70 publications, including 16 books, and has made over 370 presentations at the local, state, national, and international levels.  She is a Fellow of (American Speech and Hearing Association), and winner of their Certificate of Recognition for Special Contributions in Multicultural Affairs. She received the national presidential Daily Point of Light Award for her volunteer work in building literacy skills of children in poverty.

Celeste is such a rich resource of information. In this interview, she mentions her 3 steps on getting young kids to listen, how she gets teenagers to listen, the importance of reading in speech and language development, where parents can get information about typical language development, why anger does not work and tips on how to develop young kid’s communication skills. At the very end of the show, she also talks briefly about her experience living in Manila,Philipines and leaves us with an inspiring personal story about her son and how they were able to work through his learning difficulties.

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Rebecca Sheikh (MA) – Parent Educator and Founder of Flourishing Childhood, UK


All the way from the United Kingdom, Rebecca Shaikh shares about the Aware Parenting philosophy. She is a certified Level 2 Aware Parenting teacher, and her passion lies in helping parents find ways to discipline without the use of punishments or rewards. She taught as primary school teacher for 17 years before having her first child. She is now the mother of two children (ages 7 and 4). She completed an MA in Counselling in Education and has an Oncology Certified Nurse qualification in Gentle Sleep Methods. She is currently doing her counselling skills and will be working towards BACP accredication and training to be a sandplay therapist. Rebecca leads staff meetings in schools to help teachers look at alternatives to punishments and rewards and leads Attachment Play workshops regularly and offers consultations to support parents with the Aware Parenting approach. More recently she is invloved in setting up a gentle play group and a gentle parent and child groups. Rebecca also works on the executive councll of The International Attachment Network.

Rebecca shares plenty of playful anecdotes and examples of activities that she does with her kids to get their cooperation. She also talks about the 3 reasons why’s children ‘misbehave’ and most importantly about how we can use play to heal from stress and trauma in children’s lives as well as support their behaviour.

Rebecca’s Recommended Resources and Personal Links:

Dr Solter’s Aware Parenting and Attachment Play – http://www.awareparenting.com/english.htm
The Aware Parenting Podcast – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-aware-parenting-podcast/id1455772681

Anna Seewald – M.Ed. Parent Educator, Keynote Speaker and Host of The Authentic Parenting Podcast

Anna Seewald of authenticparenting.com will talk about the CALM formula that can help parents when they find themselves in difficult situations with kids. She has a podcast of her own called The Authentic Parenting Podcast. With a background in psychology and education and having worked with children for 18 years, she helps conscious moms and dads to become calm and connected to themselves and their children through trauma-informed education. She believes in helping children by helping parents. She has a private practice that specializes in parent education, where she provides one-on-one parent coaching, parenting, court ordered, and co-parenting classes.In the show, Anna also talks about the importance of self-care for parents and we share this advocacy of approaching parenting with love and compassion instead of control and fear. She hosts a free parenting support group on Facebook and has so much more useful parenting content to offer, so make sure to head towards her online platforms linked below.
Anna Seewald’s Links:
3. Authentic Parenting on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/parentingfromtheheart
4. Authentic Parenting Podcast on Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/authentic.parenting.podcast/

Hayley Francis Cann – Music Therapist and Author of Children’s Books

Hayley Francis Cann, BMT, MTA, NMT currently provides music therapy services to Katarokwi/ Kingston, ON and Area in Canada. Throughout her life, Hayley enjoyed performing in various ensembles and choirs in the community and volunteering at hospitals and seniors homes. This lead her to pursue a career involving music and connecting with people in a meaningful way. She studied at Acadia University to obtain a Bachelor of Music Therapy (BMT). In this programme she received advanced training in piano, guitar, and voice, as well as saxophone as her principle instrument. In June 2017 Hayley became an accredited music therapist recognized by the Certification Board for Music Therapists (CBMT) and the Canadian Association of Music Therapists (CAMT). In May 2018, Hayley became a recognized Neurologic Music Therapist (NMT) with The Academy of Neurologic Music Therapy specializing in music therapy approaches for rehabilitation. She has clinical experience with seniors including dementia and Alzheimer’s, individuals with developmental disabilities, and rehabilitation including stroke, acquired brain injury, and amusia to name a few. Hayley is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Aging and Health at Queen’s University to further explore the impact of the arts on aging process and collaborate with professionals in the healthcare industry on ways to promote wellbeing during the aging experience. Hayley is also using her love of the arts to author a Children’s book that has been recently released. In everything she does, Hayley aims to provide an authentic experience that is respectful toward all people no matter their age, diagnosis, background, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

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