Kathryn Katie Gately – Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor

Katie is a dually-certified Board Certified Behavior Analyst and Licensed Professional Counselor who focuses on creating a healthy brain-environment and is passionate about empowering children and their parents to overcome life’s obstacles. Katie’s mantra is: Wellness, structure, awareness and a healthy brain equals a happy child. Influenced by her neuroscience background and experience working at some of the nation’s most highly-regarded agencies and schools, Katie is driven to help children reach their potential and create healthier kids and happier parents.
In this interview, we discuss how to help kids get out of stress cycles, how to get their attention with the five senses and the importance of validations, giving consequences, and giving them freedom to control certain situations. It was a pleasure to speak with Katie and I sincerely want to invite her back on the show to discuss more topics regarding behavior management.
Her recommended resources:

Agata Dela Cruz – Founder of Tano’s Mom: Emotional Intelligence

We will listen to a very personal sharing of parenting stories and childhood experiences from today’s guest – Agata Dela Cruz. She is a mother dedicated to applying emotional intelligence and growth mindset with herself and her son. As a full time working mom, first time parent and wife, she faces her own emotional challenges and obstacles and shares personal experiences as opportunities for learning and personal growth. We also talked about holding space – an important part of socio-emotional intelligence, choosing and connecting with therapists and a little on whole mind-body wellness.
If you are curious and interested in self awareness and emotional well being, join her community of other like minded parents and individuals on her very artistically designed Instagram page on this link: https://instagram.com/tanos_mom?igshid=1h4tt6r4ywfuy.

Here are Agata’s recommended resources:

Stephanie Appelhanz – B.A., CCLS – Certified Child Life Specialist

We will discuss tools that get kids to listen today that are also our guest’s passion – Building rapport, providing age appropriate preparation and teaching coping skills to children, siblings and parents. Stephanie Applehanz is a Child Life Specialist with extensive experience creating and implementing plans of care for children and their families to use during their hospital stay and upon returning home. She enjoys collaborating with members of multiple interdisciplinary teams to advocate and provide the best care for patients and families. She is skilled at creating documents, presentations and trainings to continue to educate others of children’s needs. She is also proficient in creating and implementing IEPs, as well as coordinating with school and camp counselors.

In this episode, she details a list of toys to use with kids that are not only used for fun but also tools to facilitate rapport and conversations. Stephanie also explains why getting on eye level is important for kids and what other techniques to use when building rapport as an external family member is difficult during hospital care. There are many child life tricks out there that can be directly applied to home situations – and Stephanie named a few.

Stephanie’s Personal Links:
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-r-appelhanz-ba-ccls-594a0832/
Email – stephanie.hegel@yahoo.com

Stephanie’s Recommended Resources:


Arcadia Kim – CEO and Founder at Infinite Screentime

Arcadia Kim is the founder of Infinite Screentime, a movement dedicated to dispelling the negative connotations of screentime and building a community of coaches, educators, and child advocates that helps to raise the screen-smart kid. Arcadia has her MBA from Harvard Business School and BA from Wellesley College where she majored in Theatre and Film. She was also a retired Chief Operating Officer of Electronic Arts Los Angeles, where she had the privilege of working on blockbuster titles such as The Sims, Medal of Honor, Command and Conquer, and The Lord of the Rings franchise. She is now a mom of 3 screen-loving kids and helping parents manage screentime at home by focusing on good tech choices. With Arcadia’s impressive credentials and being in Asia, where they have been coping with the pandemic since January, she is the best resource for managing online schooling and screen time activities after school closures. This episode will give us an overview of how Hong Kong is dealing with the pandemic, how she fosters connection with her kids around screen time and her favourite and most recommended video games!
Arcadia Kim’s Social Media Links:
Recommended Resources:
Book: The Art of Screentime by Anya Kamenetz

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Katherine Jara – Online Teacher from Brazil

We have an energetic show today with Katherine Jara and she will talk about online learning, a topic that is very timely with the surge of virtual schooling currently happening all over the world.  She has 10 years of experience working as an English teacher and being a workshop presenter in 3 national and international English as a Second Language (ESL) conferences in Brazil. She is proven to be a creative, enthusiastic and proactive professional of the area and as evidenced by our interview, she is a very engaging teacher of young kids.  After she graduated in English Pedagogy with a Major in Education, she started teaching the language to teens and adults at language schools.  In 2012, she decided to move to Brazil where she started her journey as a Young Learner teacher, but it was in 2017 that Katherine found the enjoyment of being an Online Teacher for toddlers and kids.  Teaching Spanish and English online has given her the opportunity to know kids from all over the world and to study, adapt and apply classroom activities to the online environment. She co-authored a free downloadable ebook entitled “A Guide to Start Teaching Online” and conducts workshops for teachers called “Lights, Camera, Teach Kids!”. She has a lot of things to teach us – how to use visuals to attract the kids’ attention, how to improve how you present yourself in front of the screen, how to deal with kids’ short attention span and she demonstrates the games that she usually plays with kids during lessons.
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