Shiela Keaise – The Singing Librarian

Shiela Martina Keaise is the Singing Storyteller! She is a children’s librarian at Colleton County Memorial Library but she is more than that. She is also a TV show host, an author of multiple children’s books, a book publisher and she promotes storytelling and literacy in her YouTube channel. In the podcast, she share her tips on how to address interruptions during storytime and how she get kids to stay listening throughout her storytelling sessions. Find out more about Shiela’s fun and impressive work at and (YouTube Channel).

Rev. Christian King – Executive Director of Pink House

You will be touched by the inspiring and transformative story of the Pink House Resource Neighborhood Resource Center. Founded by Rev. Christian King, the center aims to teach children on reading fundamentals, reading comprehension and community service. At the same time, it is a safe space for the children from potentially harmful home and social environment. Having the children engaged in the Pink House reduces their chances in getting involved with drug dealing, early pregnancy and violent crimes. Rev. King discussed how she was able to help the children obtain high standardised test scores and use teachable moments to internalize self-awareness and self-empowerment. You may find more information about the resource center on the following links: